Figuring out what to build in the first place is what most significantly affects the final success of any project.

Our Solution Design process is a mature, systematic approach to uncovering, understanding and exploring a client’s requirements/desires and then designing the best solution possible given their budget, schedule and technical constraints.

For every facet of a project, there is always a range of potential solutions. During the Solution Design, we’ll work closely with you to help you understand all of the various options and tradeoffs and help guide the group to a consensus on how to proceed.

Because we’re equally comfortable working with IT as we are with “The Business”, we’re very skilled at helping organizations:

  • Figure out what they ultimately need (both in terms of the technology and the communication/interaction requirements)
  • Understand what they can do technically
  • Figure out what they should do (given their priorities, budget, schedule and technical constraints)
  • Help gain consensus/adoption for the solution across all stakeholders (a critical part of ensuring the success of any project.)


A Solution Design typically consists of:

  • Interviews of all major stakeholders (not only to learn their needs, desires and concerns but also to secure their buy in/evangelism.)
  • Understanding the technical landscape / requirements for integration.
  • An iterative process of collaboratively brainstorming, evaluating and prioritizing potential features and solutions.
  • Wireframes / Documentation