Founded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in collaboration with SPARC (Sickness Prevention Achieved through Regional Collaboration), the Vote & Vax website features a by zip-code clinic finder and the tools/partner integrations to keep the data current. This solution allows voters to easily get vaccinated creating healthier communities.

"The website and extranet that AW Systems developed gave us infinite scalability and the capacity to instantly communicate with providers and voters from coast to coast. They were an integral part of our success story."

Douglas Shenson,
MD MPHProgram Director

For the November 2008 election, Vote & Vax wanted to grow their regional outreach into a national program to help facilitate flu-shot clinics at polling places nationwide. In order to achieve this goal, they knew they needed to step up their web efforts to recruit providers and educate the public.

To get the process rolling, AW Systems identified the unique needs of the two primary audiences Vote & Vax was trying to reach:

Health Organizations: Vote & Vax needed a way to communicate with potential clinic providers and get them interested in the program. Once a health organization came on board, Vote & Vax would also need a way to provide information and resources to help the organization successfully set up and market their clinic to their local communities. In addition, Vote & Vax wanted to create a forum where participating organizations could share ideas from coast to coast.

Voters & The Media: Leading up to Election Day, Vote & Vax would need a way to promote the clinics, reach out to voters, and provide resources for the media. Our objectives were to give voters the ability to quickly and easily find the nearest flu-shot clinic, as well as create a central location where the media could find information about the program.

The biggest challenge with the Vote & Vax project was timing, as we had a hard-and-fast date for when the clinics had to be up and running: November 4, 2008. We needed to be sure we had enough lead time for potential providers to find out about the program, get all the necessary paperwork filled out, set up their clinics, collect all the information about the clinics and promote their clinics to voters.

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