We built Turner Construction’s public website using SharePoint and SlamCMS. It provides a fully faceted and locally “flavored” search of their project portfolio with all project data (including images and HTML descriptions) managed in SAP.


  • Solution Design
  • Interactive Strategy
  • Site architecture and User Experience
  • Web Implementation and Maintenance
  • Technical Integration (SAP and third party careers system)
  • Usability testing
  • Process and Project Management

Turner Construction wanted to use their impressive portfolio of projects to “Show not tell” their immense skill and experience but they didn’t want to have to manage their projects in two places, SAP and the website. The new site needed to consistently apply the brand while meeting the local business units’ needs of “being local” and of controlling what content to highlight. SlamCMS let us provide a truly faceted search and use geo-location to locally “flavor” the site, an SAP “bolt on” tool allows all project data to be managed in SAP.

Turner already managed all of their projects in SAP albeit without images and didn’t want to have to manage their data in two places. We engineered an SAP plugin in that allowed for the management of project photography directly within SAP and then pulled in all project data to the website and allowed it to be browsed using a powerful faceted search.

To make the site feel personal, we used geolocation code to customize the site to “flavor” the user experience, showing relevant projects, news, contact information based on where the user is located.

We use JavaScript injection to allow the careers site which is hosted with a third-party vendor, to use the same user-specific navigation.

Turner: Building the Future

Web Awards 2012

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