AWS was responsible for the user experience design and the overall project management / technical integration across three vendors for oneworld’s “round the world” booking system. We also built and monitor a business intelligence hub to track performance and unexpected errors across three different platforms.


  • Project and technical management across multiple vendors
  • Solution design
  • Interactive strategy
  • Site architecture and user experience
  • Technical integration
  • Usability testing

The oneworld alliance includes some of world’s leading airlines and around 30 affiliated carriers. Together, these airlines operate more than 10,000 daily flights to nearly 900 destinations across the globe. AW Systems created a solution – built on oPass, our profile and SSO management tool – that allows oneworld affiliated organizations (airlines, airline employees, travel agencies and individual travel agents) to efficiently, securely and seamlessly access a collection of separate oneworld web applications and sites. The solution supports OAuth, SAML and RESTFul APIs and is designed to be highly flexible – so it can connect with any application and allow each airline to decide how they’d like to connect their intranet to e-world, oneworld’s extranet. e-world itself is made up of a number separate applications on different platforms – our identity management/SSO system ties them all together. Whatever application a user is on, when they click “profile”, they access their centralized profile.

AW Systems also the lead agency on oneworld’s new Round the World Booking system (, responsible for the UX (but not graphic design), usability testing and for coordinating the work of three vendors, each responsible for building different pieces of the system. AW Systems also built a Business Intelligence system – built ontop of Pulsus, our tracking and reporting solution – that centrally captures and reports on errors and exceptions across four different platforms managed by four different vendors.