We built Habitat’s award winning global extranet/intranet, their main mechanism for communicating and interacting with their employees and affiliates across the world. We also built their Gifts in Kind “shopping” platform, that connects affiliates with millions of dollars a year of donated goods.


  • Solution Design
  • Interactive Strategy
  • Site architecture and User Experience
  • Web Implementation and Maintenance
  • Technical Integration
  • Usability testing
  • Process and Project Management

When we met them, Habitat for Humanity International maintained two large web-based solutions for communicating with employees and affiliates: an intranet for internal employees and an extranet for its global affiliate network. In many cases there was a large amount of content duplicated between these solutions. Content would inevitably become out of date in one of the solutions over time.

Additionally, content was organized based on who owned it at Habitat. For users coming to consume that content, it would often be confusing to find what they needed. Is that legal memo on minors volunteering at a construction site published by the legal group, the volunteer engagement folks or by construction?

Furthermore, there were a number of disparate tools that Habitat users (employees and affiliates) needed on a day to day basis to perform their jobs. Previously, these were located all over the place with no consistency and they would need to log into each tool separately often with different accounts.

By building a combined solution, we eliminated duplication, simplified discoverability, and increased ease of use. The result was streamlined communication that resulted in operational efficiency and provided a great return on investment.

Habitat for Humanity

NN/g Intranet Design Annual 2011 Winner